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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] OT but relevant
From: John Bohnovic <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 13:36:20 -0500
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I'm running a Medtronic unit and I don't even know it's there except for the little bump on my chest. I run 1.5 kw most mornings on 80 and 40 M CW. My Butternut HF-2V is about 75 feet from the shack. John/K4WJ

On 2/25/2016 12:01 PM, Kathy Bookmiller via TowerTalk wrote:
Sorry about this but it may affect many of us eventually.
Yesterday I went for a stress test and got some bad results. I have a left 
bundle block and they want to me to have a pacemaker implanted ASAP.
Obviously this is distressful as I've been in excellent health for my 68 years 
and now this:(
One of my first thoughts was are pacemakers prone to RFI? I asked the surgeon 
about this and he said he'd never heard of this before in his practice.
I'm wondering if any of the readers here have had any experience with 
pacemakers/RFI issues? I know over the years I've seen references to it in an 
offhand way but didn't pay much attention as it didn't apply to myself at the 
My beam is only 20-25' directly above me, as can be seen on my qrz page.
Any thoughts/experiences?
Kathy W2NK

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