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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Masting Source
From: Bill Cotter <>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2019 14:03:55 -0500
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We have a local fence supply house that sells 20ft lengths of 1.90" high carbon galvanized steel posts for around $50.

These are more than adequate for lightweight monoband yagis and tribanders, where 10ft is above the tower, and 10ft below to the rotor. HOWEVER, the rotor and thrust bearing must be shimmed to center the mast in both.

73 Bill N4LG

At 12:33 PM 12/29/2019, you wrote:
I think all the talk about big stacks skews the thinking of us who have modest goals.
I expect EMT or water pipe will meet your needs.
It's a good chance to learn to use one of the mast calculators.
Diameter is your friend!
I agree with the "What if it fails?" questioner, as long as you can replace the $20 mast safely.
Use two bearings to take the side load off the rotator.
Keep the rotator inside the tower and locate it so as to put the amount of mast needed outside the tower. When you use cheap material, you can put the rotator as far down as you like, to make service easy.

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