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[TowerTalk] Connectors, down the tower

Subject: [TowerTalk] Connectors, down the tower
From: Charles Gallo <>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2019 13:56:28 -0500
List-post: <>
Ok, in prep to replace my rotor, get back on the air, and clean the shack, I 
have some questions re connectors, coax, etc

First, right now, my rotor cable comes into the house, and goes right to my 
controller box. Nicely dressed, but I think I’d like to put a connector in 
there. Say go from the SPG panel (need to properly put in) into the house, a 
connector there, and then to the Green Heron box. (And maybe a second connector 
right before the box). Thoughts? Which connector (I’m changing from a Ham IV to 
a Yaesu)

Coax. Right now everything comes down from the roof (roof mounted antenna), to 
a coax switch with lightning ground, then runs over and into the shack.
As I said, want to put another SPG panel right before house entry. The question 
is. Right now I do it all with buryflex. All the jumpers behind the shack are 
even buryflex. (Rig, amp, tuner, antenna switch signal injector, and out the 
Would I be crazy to go to RG-400, particularly for the signal after the amp? 
Three of the runs (amp to tuner to switch) are less than 3 feet, and switch to 
panel would be 5-6 feet or so.
Again, thoughts?

73 de KG2V

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