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[VHFcontesting] Re: VHF mobile radio for SSB work

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Re: VHF mobile radio for SSB work
From: ke4yyd@earthlink.net (David Hinton)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:08 2003

The Kenwood  TS-2000 is my first choice if you have the room.  I have owned
and used all the other rigs you mentioned and to me there is no comparison.
With the remote head the TS-2000 has many mounting options.  I keep a FT-100
in my Ford Escape but when on vacation for several weeks with my wife  each
year I put the TS-2000 in her Olds mini van.  It has a very large flat dash
and any radio sets on it nicely just below eye level for easy operation.

David   KE4YYD

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Subject: VHF mobile radio for SSB work

> Good evening everyone.
> There have been a number of discussion recently comparing the FT-100D,
> IC-706MKIIG and the FT-847 radio.  My interest is in finding a quality
> that I can use mobile as well as when camping in our RV.  I want to use
> unit primarily for VHF SSB/CW work, but will also use it for some HF work
> well.    So, any comments on the qualities of these radios that would make
> them good or bad choices for my application would be most appreciated.
> I  do have a FT-736R (no Mutek mods) that has 6m, 2m and 440 that I can
> at home, but so sure that would be a good choice for the road.  Anyone
> any luck with the Mutek mods?  Are they worth it?.
> As a last question, I would also be interested in hearing from folks on
> useability of loop antennas for this mobile/portable application.  When
> camping, I could put a mast up that would allow stacking of loops on 6, 2
> and 440.  I could also probably do a "small" Yagi's when camping, but
> might be a better choice from a space perspective.
> Thanks in advance for all your advice.
> 73, Scott, N3RA
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