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RE: [VHFcontesting] Keying Amplifier before the Transverter

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Subject: RE: [VHFcontesting] Keying Amplifier before the Transverter
From: "Mike Clarson" <mclarson@rcc.com>
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Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 11:13:56 -0500
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Using a sequencer is always the safest way to go, but the Mirage does have
RF sensing, so the chance of damaging it is quite small if  you do not use a
sequencer. While the Mirage has provisions for hard keying, I do not believe
the RF sensing is disabled. Also, you may have to switch the amp into the FM
mode to get rid of the hang time. The switch does not change amplifier
operating parameters, only the RF sense timing, so it is just as linear in
the FM mode as the SSB mode.--Mike, WV2ZOW

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Keying Amplifier before the Transverter

Hello All,

I am about to put my DEMI 144-28 transverter on the air along with a Mirage
3016 amp.  The IF rig is a TS-850S.  I am using the 850S in a common IF
configuration.  I am using the relay contacts inside the TS-850 (pins 4 & 2
on the REMOTE connnector) to drive two BJT transistors that will in turn
energize relay coils for keying the transverter and the amplifier.

My question is, if the amplifier somehow gets keyed somewhat before the
transverter or if the transverter gets keyed before the amplifier is there
any thing that can be damaged?  Are there any pitfalls here that I need to
watch out for?



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