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[VHFcontesting] W1RT Rover Sept 2011 - The Untold Story

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] W1RT Rover Sept 2011 - The Untold Story
From: "W1RT Rover (Intergalactic Jitney)" <rover@w1rt.us>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 01:44:02 -0500
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Well, what's it been? 4 months now since we operated? Family, work and
other time sucking responsibilities have kept me from cleaning out the old
digital camera. I finally got around to downloading all the pictures and
videos and decided to publish our story online.  I figure I owe it to John
given this month QST results and the fact he never got around to providing
any detailed info for the magazine write up.

I also hadn't published anything last year about our disastrous Sept 2010
rove, so given the recent turn of events I opted to go back a year and
write about that too.  If you can make it through my long winded first
article, look there near the bottom for another link to that sad, sad story.

So now, if you're willing and have some time to waste, enjoy a bit of VHF
radio entertainment for your leisure time.  I've included pictures, videos,
some graphs and even maps in a post-contest analysis write up you can find


73 & thanks for all the QSOs

andyz - K1RA @ W1RT/Rover
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