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Subject: [VHFcontesting] More amps for sale
From: "Terry" <w8zn54@verizon.net>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2013 10:47:54 -0400
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In my efforts to "clean out the shack (or bus in my case!)" here are some
more nice amps.

1. A 222 KW built into a Yaesu FL2100 chassis. Uses all the FL2100 power
supply but the RF compartment uses a 3CX800A7 and a slick 1/4wl flat plate
line with a moving short for tuning. Output coupling is a flapper cap. Does
700w with 25w of drive. Built in DowKey DK60 relays. Runs on 120/240. Has a
female C connector on the rear for access to HV to run another RF deck. Nice
shape. $700

2. Same thought pattern as above but for 50MHz, FL2100, traditional Pi - L
with air caps. 3CX800A7 tube. Uses all original RF path of FL2100 so the
relative output meter and SWR bridge works (no guarantee to calibration!!)
25w in give 600-700 out, REALLY nice for portable operations. $700

3. W6PO 8877 amp. Good design, not much else can be said. Good blocking
caps, plate current and grid current meters. Uses DowKey DK60 relays, 19"
rack mount. Good sized blower, runs WSJT at 1200w out all day, all night. I
probably have a spare 8877 I can throw in. Currently in use at K8GP.

Power supply is spectacular. Gene, W3ZZ (SK) nicknamed it "The Moose" after
a mishap on a mountaintop in W.Va. where water got into our 2m amp the power
supply was running and there was a small explosion. The interconnect in the
amp B+ was #18 gauge wire that vaporized!!! (not usually a good glitch
resistor). After replacing the wire, the power supply fired right up. It was
designed to run two 8877 amps at once. Has a pair of HN HV connectors (I'll
supply a pair of cables), step start circuit, HV meter, runs about 3800V.
Uses a HUGE commercial transformer, pair of BIG oil caps and the biggest
didoes I've ever seen! Easily weights 200+ lbs so it's only shippable via

If you don't want this power supply, I have a smaller 3400V power supply
with a Peter Dahl transformer that will run a single 8877 I would substitute
that would be UPS shippable. $1600 for amp and power supply.

Please reply directly to me with any questions.


Terry - W8ZN

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