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Re: [VHFcontesting] Solving FT8

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Subject: Re: [VHFcontesting] Solving FT8
From: Gregory Winters <greg_winters@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2021 21:23:07 +0000
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I do not support eliminating FT8 or moving to an all digital contest. Its not a 
problem to solve--because it is NOT a problem. What is happening is what was 
always going to happen. There will be new kings and new compeititors over time, 
and by rights there should be.

We must be careful, since the slippery slope won't end to make everyone happy.

* Should we yearn for the days before SSB and FM and want an AM-only phone 
contest because SSB has an 'unfair advantage'?

* Should we encourage CW by making CW-only contests, or categories like HF 

* Should we eliminate a bunch of categories so only a handful of superstations 
can win? (is it a real competition then?)

I'd suppose those were arguments held long ago. And like today, much of these 
are borne out of frustration particularly given the time, money, and hassle 
involved. I get worked up over NILs and my wife asks 'what my prize money was' 
for this contest. Oh, yes I'm sympathetic to it to a point. But as radio 
evolves we make choices. One can still have the best tube rig 6m AM station 
ever. But its only self-serving to want to limit the contest to 6m AM tube 
rigs, and darn the synthesized VFOs.

Examine why people use FT8 or any digital mode. Noise floors are rising, HOAs 
compromise antennas on HF, and it decodes through signals where CW or phone 
have no chance. It took off especially during lows on sunspots for HF. As a 
result, I now chase where the operators are. Its not wrong to use it. Its a 
tool like any other, and its not foolproof either. So many ops still do not run 
Contest Mode during contests.

But we chase points and DX where it is, not where we argue it should be. That 
is radio. Refusing to adapt doesn't make radio less fun. Lots of people operate 
nothing but CW, and more power to them (pun intended). As a result they may not 
win VHF contests perhaps (though there are HF CW contests). But even without 
first place plaques and certificates that guy has fun anyways, gets on the air, 
and thats what contesting is supposed to be about. That guy, then, is a true 

Greg, K3RW

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Subject: Re: [VHFcontesting] Solving FT8

  I have been doing VHF Contests since 1970 and I agree with Jeff AA6XA
about too many Categores and Herb that the FT-8 issue needs action not

Most stations I work either from home or a Hilltop are easily worked on
SSB and digital modes not needed. Also on my last hilltop operation
there was no way to coordinate multiband contacts using digital. Several
stations that were on the lower 4 were not worked on all 4 bands because
we could not say"any other bands" on SSB.

Lets give up on everyone wins and just have the fun and challenge of
operating our stations to the best degree possible.

Walt  N2WM  Fn21OC

Trustee of W2LV FN21OE.

-- Jeff aa6xa

On 18-Jan-21 23:18, Herb Krumich via VHFcontesting wrote:
> Every year contester's complain about FT8 and the upper bands laying idol.I 
> said this five years ago and it's getting old.As a matter of fact I sold my 
> entire big time contest station, one piece at a time.Instead of complaining 
> on VHF Dot Com, how about bombarding the ARRL.There is one thing that could 
> be done to solve this issue, that would absolutely work2 and 6 meters only 
> will receive points for SSB contacts plus points for digital.If this was 
> done, guys would spend more time on SSB which would absolutelyhelp the upper 
> bandsNothing else is working, but I guarantee this willThanks for the Q's on 
> six meters. That's all I haveQuite a bit easier than 10 band contesting73Herb 
> for WA2FGK FN21Get busy and contact your reps. Division and national
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