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Re: [VHFcontesting] FT8, digital, and VHF contesting....

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Subject: Re: [VHFcontesting] FT8, digital, and VHF contesting....
From: <n4is@comcast.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2021 23:58:20 -0500
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Hi Marshal..

Please let me add a comment about MS. It is very useful during contest if you 
set up sked beforehand. Back 2003-2005. I used to  start 4 am running sked 
until 6am on 2m and 6am to 8am on 6m, average 6 to 8  QS0's on 2m ( 1000 to 
2000 km)   and dozen on 6m, and always able to run few more QSO's on the 
calling frequency. Those QSO's improved my multiplies a lot.  It seems that 
people forgot about how good MS really is. 

My two cents


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