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[WriteLog] USB to Serial

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Subject: [WriteLog] USB to Serial
From: wa9als@starband.net (WA9ALS - John)
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 22:40:26 -0500
> Just purchased a Purple Computing usb to serial  converter. After
> installing I can not get it to work with Writelog.

1.  What do you mean by "won't work" with WL?  Won't read the rig's freq?
Won't key the rig via COM port?  Won't send FSK via COM port?

2.  What rig are you using?

3.  Will it work with OTHER software?  If not, the problem probably isn't
specific to WL.

As I've warned before, all USB-serial adapters are not created equal, and
NONE seems to do EVERYTHING a "standard" on board COM port will do.  Some
work with my 1000MP and some don't.  I have no experience with Purple
Computing, but it sounds like a very sophisticated company.  ;-))  I can
recommend Belkin and Connect Tech for reading the 1000MP, reading the
IC-706MKIIG, and controlling a DXP38.  D-link wouldn't read the MP.

Tom, the answers to the above 3 questions might help someone be able to
provide some help.  Good luck - it can be maddening!  73

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