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[WriteLog] Pulling my hair over memories

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Subject: [WriteLog] Pulling my hair over memories
From: gbright@bellsouth.net (Grant Bright, Ph.D.)
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 16:47:53 -0400
Hello All,

That subject line could be a "Country and Western Music" song....hihi.

Tried to work the ARI contest this weekend using RittyRite (solo, no
TU) but could not use stored memories (F2-F10, etc.). The Fkeys would
not key rig, send stored messages, or make tones. The only way on the
air was by using the type ahead buffer and selecting "transmit."

Thought problem must be with rig,  made all kinds of tests, rig, sound
card, RigBlaster, etc. Tried another computer--same problem. No
functional problems found. Other sound card programs MMTTY, RITTY,
TrueTTY key rig, and make tones properly.

Then by accident restarted WriteLog with a previous log, EA contest.
Stored memories worked fine, keyed rig & made tones. Tried a few other
contests: Volta, Anatolian, Bartg, CQ WW.....these had Fkeys that
keyed rig, made tones and sent messages.

Here are a few other contests in which the FKeys would not key
transmitter or sent stored information: ARI, ARRL 10m & Field Day,

If ARI had functional Fkeys, I would have thought some contests have
no RTTY/cw provision. But that does not seem to hold up as Field Day
and DxPedition Fkeys do not work.

What am I missing? What did I not "turn on?" Suggestions?



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