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Subject: [WriteLog] Re: WriteLog Digest V4 #131
From: ei8ic@eircom.net (Tim Makins, EI8IC)
Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 13:13:01 +0100

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From: "Norm Rich" <w2ad@clarityconnect.com>
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Subject: [WriteLog] Re: WriteLog Digest V4 #131

> Tim,
> That did it !!!  I clicked on the first link and lo and behold it took me
right to
> the writelog web site via the anonymizer site.  Thank you thank you.
> Norm

Glad to be an Elmer for you.

Perhaps someone could be one in return for me, and answer these questions
previously posted on this reflector but never answered:

The band-selected information appears on a selected LPT port (LPT1,2 or 3),
as mentioned on pages 137,138 and 141 of the downloadable manual.
However, I am not sure what happens when 2 radios are selected for SO2R
operation. Does the band information reflect the currently 'live' radio, or
two LPT ports used, one for each radio ??  Or perhaps it's something else

Secondly, the chart on page 141 appears to say that if an LPT port is
selected for Antenna Relay use, then the signals for CW, PTT, and A/B Radio
Select are not included on that port. Is this correct ? (in which case, 3
LPT ports are needed for SO2R with external antenna relays ???

Tim EI8IC www.qsl.net/ei8ic/

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