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[WriteLog] Soundcard help IBM 266 PC

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Subject: [WriteLog] Soundcard help IBM 266 PC
From: k0bx@qsl.net (Joseph J. Duerbusch)
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 00:50:30 +0000
Hi guys, I obtained a IBM 266 MHZ pc from work.  It has the sound card
on the motherboard and I am having a problem getting it to work with
Writelog/rtty.  Here is my problem.  I used the instruction on the
Writelog Webpage to setup the soundcard.  All ok, but no audio coming
in.  I open up the volume control and find that the Mike recording was
muted.  Unchecked the mute button and receives and decodes fine.  But
when I click anywhere in Writelog, for some reason the Mike recording
gets checked again and mutes the incoming audio.  No .ini file setting
changes this.

This MB Sound card has only an input and output on the back of the
case.  I am using a 2 circuit sub audio jack.

The MS Sound Recorder works fine and has plenty of audio.
DigiPan works fine on both receive and xmit.

All I need is for Writelog to stop muting the incoming audio when I
click something!  Any help?
BTW my other computer I have been using Writelog and sound card rtty for
years so I'm not a new kid...

Joe K0BX
will be at Dayton!!

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