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[WriteLog] Re: [DX4WIN] Win ME

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Subject: [WriteLog] Re: [DX4WIN] Win ME
From: benko@aztek-eng.com (Larry Benko)
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 12:23:23 -0600

You posted this with regards to both WriteLog and DX4WIN so I replied to
both.  I have used both programs with Windows ME.  WriteLog usage has only
been single op, single radio.  No problems with either EXCEPT that Windows
98 and Windows ME power up the control lines on the serial ports differently.
If you use DTR to key the radio and all worked fine before, now the radio
will probably key during bootup (which is much faster with ME).  I believe
there are also some control line differences with serial ports that are PCI
based.  I have seen some discussion about this topic but don't remember it
precisely.  Maybe someone remembers the actual rules for bootup.  I also
believe that there were some patches or workarounds to fix this behavior.

Larry Benko, W0QE

Courtney Judd - K4WI wrote:
> Are there any issues with using DX4WIN with windows ME operating system? I
> am trying to decide which operating system to use in new computer. Thanks,
> 73's Cort
> Courtney Judd K4WI
>        ex-K4JYO
> check out www.k4wi.net

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