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[WriteLog] Writelog Packet error message

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Subject: [WriteLog] Writelog Packet error message
From: k0fj@networksplus.net (Michael Albers KØFJ)
Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 09:07:57 -0500
I have Writelog and DXTelnet working on my Win 2000 system.  If I click a
call in the Packet Spot window, I receive a " Member not found " error
message.  If I click " OK " on the message, I receive the same message two
more times.  After clicking " OK " on the third message, Writelog changes
frequency on my TS-570 and enters the call in the entry window.

Everything works great after I get past the three error messages.  The
problem repeats every time I select a call in the Packet Spot Window.

Thanks for  any help

73 Mike - KØFJ


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