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[WriteLog] Newbie Questions

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Subject: [WriteLog] Newbie Questions
From: flgrossman@earthlink.net (Frank Grossman (WB2BXO))
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 21:52:45 -0400
FYI, Don and the list...

I found the numbering problem.  What I seem to have done is accidentally
clicked "edit as RST field" for the "Numb" field in the "exchange format"
screen.  So, the program would only take three digits for the field, and
none of them could be zero.  The computer program then did exactly what the
nut at the end of keyboard told it to do.  :-)

The lesson for other newbies is don't mess with those "exchange format"
fields unless you know what you're doing!


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From: Don Winn <af4z@palmnet.net>
To: Frank Grossman (WB2BXO) <flgrossman@earthlink.net>
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2001 12:41 AM
Subject: Re: [WriteLog] Newbie Questions

> Frank,
> Welcome to Writelog.
> There is no printed manual.  Writelog changes so fast that a manual would
> be out of date in a few weeks.
> I have a program that will generate a word file Manual and you can print
> out if you wish.  Let me know and I will generate one for the latest
> version and email it to you.
> As for the numbers in WPX.  If you use the CQ WPX CW Contest , there is
> room for four digits (9999)  max.  That should cover any operator.
> I believe four digita is fixed for all contests.
> Hope that is some help.
> Don  AF4Z
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   At 11:23 PM 05/27/2001 -0400, you wrote:
> >I just installed Writelog and started experimenting with it.  So far, I
> >two questions.
> >
> >1)  Is there a manual for the program or only the help files and Web
> >The "Manual" files in the menu seem to be help files meant for on-line
> >search and display.  Most of the time, of course, this is fine.
> >
> >2)  The first time I tried to use the program Friday evening on the ham
> >shack machine at my parents' apartment, I had difficulty getting it to
> >accept a full WPX exchange.  It acted as if there wasn't enough room in
> >"numb" field to enter a three digit number.  I tested the program on the
> >machine at my own apartment later that evening, and the program accepted
> >exchange with no problem.  Might I have set up the contest incorrectly
> >I was puttering around on the ham shack machine? Has someone seen this
> >problem before?
> >
> >One unusual aspect of my setup, BTW, is that I've set the logbook and
> >window fonts to 12 points, bold, on a 15 inch screen because of poor
> >eyesight.  I used the same settings when I tested the program on my home
> >machine with a 17 inch monitor and noticed no problems.  Packet and rig
> >control work fine on the ham shack machine, incidentally.
> >
> >Hope everyone did well in WPX.  :-)
> >
> >73,
> >Frank
> >wb2bxo@arrl.net
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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> >Problems:                 owner-writelog@contesting.com

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