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Subject: [WriteLog] Cut Numbers
From: Zoltan.Pitman@libertel.nl (Zoltan.Pitman@libertel.nl)
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 16:37:11 +0200

> Lots of Europeans like to use cut numbers, I like to work 
> lots of Europeans. You won't hear me complain about them. 


> It is a nice option to be able to send cut numbers; I never 
> select it in TRlog, but if you want to penetrate the Euro 
> market deeply, it could be a desirable feature.

IMHO, it's not important to include cut numbers in Writelog. Those Europeans
who give you cut numbers use a keyer. That is a way how telegraphy can also
be generated...  ;-)

I use a keyer for CW (except SO2R) and I like cut numbers because it's more
fun receiving them as well as transmitting them. They just break the
monotony a bit.

73 de Zoli HA1AG

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