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Upgrading and Setup Ports Re: [WriteLog] Any ideas?

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Subject: Upgrading and Setup Ports Re: [WriteLog] Any ideas?
From: wa9als@starband.net (wa9als)
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 21:20:05 -0500
> I use a ICOM 746 and CT-17 to log contests. I unplug the CT-17 between
contests. I
> downloaded 10.33c. I plugged in the CT-17 prior to the NAQP and it
indicated NO RIG. Any
> ideas where to start checking for the problem.  It may have been caused by
the new version,
> but I have no idea how.
> Ed KN4Y

2 more comments:

1.  Make sure your baud rate still agrees in Wl and the rig.  I have both
set for 9600.  Icom seems finicky about not using AUTO settings.

2.  I used 10.33C for the NAQP RTTY with 2 Icom radios and it worked fine.
Then I upgraded to 10.34B - I just tried it and was surprised to see that my
Setup Ports settings weren't retained as they always have been before.  They
all showed Ten Tec.  Simple to rectify, but I don't remember having to Setup
Ports again after upgrading before.

2.5  The order of plugging and unplugging doesn't affect this.  WL will find
the rig when and if it presents itself.

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