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[WriteLog] TUNE command suggestions

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Subject: [WriteLog] TUNE command suggestions
From: Georgek5kg@aol.com (Georgek5kg@aol.com)
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 19:44:43 EDT
In a message dated 8/14/2002 10:24:40 PM Greenwich Standard Time, 
dick.green@valley.net writes:

Dick,  Tnx for your comments.

> 1. A shortcut key would be nice, but there are *many* other WL functions
> that need shortcut keys, too. A good work around is to find a shareware
> keyboard remapping package with a macro feature. Then you can define any 
> key
> you want for TUNE (and lots of other WL functions.) I use Keyboard 
> Remapper,
> available at http://www.dev-labs.com. Not the easiest package to use, but
> it's adequate. I haven't felt the need to create a macro for TUNE, but I
> have macros for stereo/mono, headphone toggle, split tx/keyboard context,
> switch radios, work, log, etc. *Very* handy.
Good idea.  I had not thought about kbd mapping software, and will give it a 

Perhaps there should be user community assessment of other shortcut keys that 
would be beneficial as well, and then Wayne could put those that score high 
into a future release.  (Of course, we are generous with Wayne's time, hi.)

> 2. Not so sure that it's a good idea to make assumptions about switching
> modes before and after TUNE. It's not that much work to hit the buttons on
> the front of the radio.
You're probably right...overly complicated to implement.  Here is my thought: 
 when ready to hit the amp with RF, the fewer steps required to do so, the 
better.  Especially in a contest with many band changes, such as we just did 
in the IARU from J75KG.

> 3. What you really want is 50-70 WPM *and* element spacing that results in a
> 1:3 duty cycle. Much less wear and tear on the amp. Also, a well-defined
> duty cycle allows you to compute the actual plate and grid current 
> (readings
> will be about 1/3 the key-down value.) Back when I used an Amp 
> International
> LK-500ZC amp for the second radio, I had an old Heathkit programmable keyer
> in parallel with the W5XD+ box. The keyer element spacing and WPM were
> adjusted for tuning. I also used a peak-reading output meter, which gives
> you the actual power output even when the amp is running at 1:3 duty cycle
> (an average-reading meter will read about 1/3 the actual output.) I suppose
> pre-defined speed and spacing parameters for TUNE would be a nice
> enhancement, but I can think of other features that are more important 
> (like
> being able to adjust CW speed on the second radio without having to switch
> to it!)
Interesting.   I use a peak reading wattmeter (Daiwa), and I just tune for 
max power.

> 4. A tap of the paddle *does* turn off TUNE, at least with the W5XD+ box
> (not sure about PC Generates CW.) Tapping any key turns it off, too,
> although there was a bug a while back that prevented these from working
> correctly. I think they didn't work until you used the up-arrow or
> down-arrow to switch radios. Check the reflector archives.

My paddle keys the radio directly, so actually my suggestion could not really 
be made to work, unless the paddle was interacting with WL, as in your W5XD+ 
box example.

I checked keys other than ESC, and I find that the down arrow does turn TUNE 
off, but it also switches the log line to the second radio, hi.  Other than 
ESC, no other key will turn TUNE off.

 A timer would be > nice, but I think that's gilding the lily: if the op can't 
> remember to turn
> it off in time, perhaps he shouldn't be playing with high-power devices!
Well, the thinking here is that about 10 or 15 seconds is probably all the 
time that is needed to peak the amp.  Auto turn off would be nice.

Again, I think there are more important features in the queue.  

Maybe, unless you are like me with a manually tuned amp and being frustrated 
by all the moves needed to generate a carrier.  Guess it depends on the op's 
priorities.  All in all, however, WL is fantastic.

73, Geo...


George I. Wagner, K5KG
Productivity Resources LLC
941-312-9460 fax
201-415-6044 cell

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