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[WriteLog] Windows XP and parallel port keying problem

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Subject: [WriteLog] Windows XP and parallel port keying problem
From: jon@praxisworks.org (Jon Harder)
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 17:22:54 -0000
After repeated queries and some disinformation, it seems necessary again to
note that  good LPT keying is perfectly possible under XP.

UserPort is a free utility that permits use of LPT keying in WL under
Windows 2000 and XP.   Keying is smooth and stutter free on my two different
XP HE machines.  Installation is simple.  It works!!

URL to UserPort is


With this utility, it is  _not_  mandatory to use serial port keying.  I
have both methods in place, and both work equally well.


de K1US

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