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[WriteLog] CW LPT1 Win XP Question

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Subject: [WriteLog] CW LPT1 Win XP Question
From: Konigsburg@aol.com (Konigsburg@aol.com)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 21:38:56 EST
I am running version 10.36G on Windows XP Pro. I have installed Direct IO and 
WriteLog can see my LPT1. The problem is when I plug the LPT1 cable into the 
rig (Kenwood TS 570D), it always transmits. Even when I have not asked the 
computer nor the rig to send anything.

Using the same cable, computer, port, and rig, DX4WIN is able to send CW with 
no problems.

I searched the reflector and saw the suggestion that I add CW_ON_PIN1=1 into 
the WriteLog.ini. When I made that change, the rig did not always transmit 
when I started the program. However, none of the function keys would cause 
anything to transmit. When I brought up ALT-K, as soon as I typed the first 
character, the rig transmitted and would not stop.

I know there are folks who say that I should use a COM port for my CW. 
However, the version of DX4WIN I am using supports LPT for CW and I would 
like to keep the same cable configuration for both pieces of software.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Paul  K3MZ   k3mz@qsl.net

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