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[WriteLog] ptt line resistance?

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Subject: [WriteLog] ptt line resistance?
From: sjwoodr@yahoo.com (Steve Woodruff)
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 18:56:58 -0800 (PST)
I now have all mode ptt via cw line RTS.
However... its not working.  When i play
SSB messages it is not triggering the
rig's PTT line.  I am connecting to the
same port that my footswitch normally 
connects to... simple mono plug.  

When i hit a F-# button to play a message,
i can see with a multimeter the resistance
on my PTT line drop down to about 4-6 ohms.
Not much.... but is that enough to keep the
rig from triggering PTT??  If so, how can
i drop the resistance?

my ptt circuit uses RTS from the cw serial
port, goes through a 4k7 resistors, then 
in parallel with a diode and another 4k7
before hitting a 2n2222.... and then a
final diode before having a PTT + and a
ground line. 

Any ideas?  tnx

Steve, n9oh

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