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[WriteLog] Newbie Question-Is this computer big enough?

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Subject: [WriteLog] Newbie Question-Is this computer big enough?
From: n1eu@hotmail.com (Barry N1EU)
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 10:43:00 -0500
W2CS asked "The computer I am currently using in the shack is an old 
Pentium-II 200MHz MMX machine with 128MB of memory. It is running Windows 
98SE.  My question is whether this machine is sufficient to run WL both on 
phone with using the sound card for voice memories and for CW without any 
hardware CW card add-on?"

Gary, first off if it really is a 200Mhz MMX chip, I'd suggest that you have 
a Pentium I and not a Pentium II - PII debuted at 233Mhz and the MMX 
designation was implied rather than explicitly stated on the PII.  There WAS 
a Pentium 200 MMX chip.

That being said, I'd concur with W1ZT and estimate that your machine will be 
sufficient without a lot of horsepower to spare.


Barry N1EU

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