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[WriteLog] LDE's, sleep deprivation, and propagation in general

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Subject: [WriteLog] LDE's, sleep deprivation, and propagation in general
From: "Jim Jarvis" <jimjarvis@comcast.net>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 22:18:01 -0000
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Undoubtedly slightly off-topic for this reflector,
but what the heck...

On Sunday, I heard very distinct auroral scatter on
all signals from northern latitudes.  Additionally,
there was clear multi-path, with delays on the order
of one dit @ 30wpm.  (I'm too tired to calculate that,
right now...so will offer a marketing SWAG of 30mS or so.)
It made JA's and asiatic russians hard to copy on east coast

With respect to LDE's, I have ONCE in 45 years heard my own
call coming back to me, intact.  At greyline.  My assumption
was some kind of ducting.  

OTOH, I have often heard multipath on short paths to JA on 40,
where my vertical excited both the short (polar) path, and
skew (greyline) path over the south pacific.  It forces QRS
to 15 wpm.  30 wpm is a blur.  There was similar blur on Sunday 
morning, pre-dawn. 

This stuff is really interesting...and we only get to hear it
when a bunch of us are on, as in during contests.  Otherwise, all
these interesting physical phenomena occur when nobody is there to
hear them.

If a tree falls in the forest.....can you log it?     :)


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