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Re: [WriteLog] Networked WriteLog and Function Key Assignments

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Subject: Re: [WriteLog] Networked WriteLog and Function Key Assignments
From: Georgek5kg@aol.com
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 00:22:20 EST
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In a message dated 12/15/2003 11:39:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
jim@audiosystemsgroup.com writes:

> Consider a Field Day operation with operators having varying degrees of
> experience with WriteLog and with contesting, and some of them may have
> developed their own system of function key assignments that are
> different from each other. 
> Where are the key assignments (i.e., memories) stored in a networked
> multi-op operation? Can they be different for each operating position
> (i.e., on the local copy of the contest), or must they be the same for
> all? Can the .ini files be different with respect to CT compatibility,
> etc.? 


I actually don't know if differences are allowed from station to station in 
the WL network.  However, it is my advice that you come up with one standard 
configuration and not allow variances from one station to another.  If 
necessary, have a training session to acquaint the ops with the standard 

We faced this situation when preparing for the 3B7RF dxpedition in 1998.  We 
had 14 ops, all with different levels of experience from 
no-computer-logging-at-all to CT/TR/WL experts.  We established a standard 
config (using CT), 
trained & coached the ops where necessary, and had a successful operation.  One 
person was responsible for all computer (laptops) setups, and no one else 

73, Geo...

George I. Wagner, K5KG
Productivity Resources LLC
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941-400-1960 cell

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