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Re: [WriteLog] Multi-Keyer Problems

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Subject: Re: [WriteLog] Multi-Keyer Problems
From: "Richard L. King" <k5na@texas.net>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 00:23:11 +0000
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Thanks Wayne.

This is a extremely helpful post and I will print it out to keep it handy.

The assignment of rigs by clicking on the radio (top and bottom) buttons was something that I had completely missed before. When I followed your directions, the setup of the radios was clear and fail-proof. I had used those buttons before to set frequencies, etc; but I never realized that the com ports needed to be set there in addition to the setup -> ports area.

It is amazing that I could eventually get it to work before by messing with radio right/left and setup/ports manipulations.

As for the PTT problem, I will set the radios to the no "COMM PTT" setting and see if that fixes the problem. It may take a while to say for sure since the problem was intermittent before.

I have now been playing with the settings and have found that with the radio's COMM PTT off (on the two MkV radios), the CW PTT set to "On LPT pin 16/COMM RTS", and "PTT to CW Delay" set to 50ms; then I am able to key both radios without losing the first dot or dash of the first character sent.

I got these settings by trial and error and I am a little confused why I needed to make a LPT selection to make the radios key the way I wanted them to. I don't have a LPT connected to anything on this new computer running XP and the LPT reference confuses. The other combinations of settings causes me to lose the first dot or dash on at least one of the radios.

If anyone ever taught a "Dummies for Writelog" class, I would sign up immediately to attend.

Wayne, thanks for the timely response and the good information.

73, Richard

At 08:37 PM 12/16/2003, Wayne Wright, W5XD wrote:
> When I first hooked the keyer up I found that the PTT line will drop the
> radio back to receive sometimes while it is sending. This happens whether
> I
> am sending from CW memories and/or sending with the paddle input. The
> problem seems to come and go and will drop out right in the middle of a
> string of characters.

In WriteLog, under Setup Ports, look at the row that has the Yaesu
selection. There is a column labeled "COMM PTT". For the FT-1000MP, that
column must be set to NONE (or OFF, or whatever it says for negative).
With that feature turned on, WL sends a "PTT ON" command over the COMM
port. For most rigs, that is a good thing. The FT-1000MP does NOT work
properly when it gets such a command--it does what you describe. (I think
I may remove the PTT ON command from the FT-1000 rig driver--it has done
nothing but cause trouble. Its in there for "completeness" because its the
closes thing that rig has to the needed command.)

After you make changes in the Setup Ports dialog and then OK,
you must also do Setup Save Configuration. to commit the changes to

> Problem 3. I seem to have a lot of trouble getting the Writelog program to
> read the frequency from both radios when I am setting up for SO2R. One
> radio is on com 1 and the other is on com 8.

Getting set up for two rigs requires an extra step beyond what happens for
one. In the Setup Ports dialog, you must turn on two rows in the
dialog--one for COM1 and the other for COM8. Then you OK the dialog.

Now the second step that you didn't have to do with just one radio: If you
have Radio Number of radios set at less than 2, then change it to 2. There
are now two buttons on the Entry Window below a label named "Radio". One
at a time, press each button. It pops up a box showing which COM port it
is using (lower right)--make sure the upper entry window gives COM1 and
the lower one gives COM8 (or the other way around--whichever you want it
to be). With only 1 radio, the second step doesn't happen because WL knows
that only one window gets the one radio. With two radios, it only "plumbs
up" the first.

Once you get it like you want, Setup Save Configuration again.



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