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Subject: [WriteLog] Voice help
From: Dave L Thompson <k4jrb@juno.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 15:41:03 -0400
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Glad to see the improvements as to voice messages.  We need a big leap
from the average voice keyer
usage to using the keyboard for seamless call sign and message sending.  
The ARRL Phone SS exchange is so simple now compared to the early 60's
(remember when we had to send the date and time too).

Maybe the next step is to harness digital voice so we can populate the
.wav (or similar) files so that everything is on the keyboard...just type
in the call received and it goes from there.  We might even be able to
program fills such as call sign, and exchange fills.  I would also like
to program a "what is your call" message fore those who do not identify
often enough.  Maybe a short CW message to ask DX working 40 and 80 split
to listen up and keep us legal.

There are a large group of phone contesters out there and we have been
left behind by the automation on RTTY and CW.

Thumbs up gang...

Dave K4JRB
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