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[WriteLog] request list of rigs needing an updated WL driver

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Subject: [WriteLog] request list of rigs needing an updated WL driver
From: "Wayne, W5XD" <w5xd@writelog.com>
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Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 01:31:38 -0000
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I am reconstructing from past emails and reflector postings a list of rigs
that need updated drivers for WriteLog.

These are the rigs I already know need some work:

Elecraft K3 (works, but poorly, with K2 driver)
Yaesu FT-450  (needs new driver)
Yaesu FT-2000 (apparently works OK with FTDX-9000 driver)
TenTec Argonaut 

I request an email reply from you if:
        you have a rig that is not supported properly and you would like
supported AND 
        are willing to test any new rig driver.
        Tell me what rig you have (regardless of whether I have listed it

There is no need to fill up my email inbox with copies of documentation--I
can download from the manufacturer web sites and will specifically ask for
help getting anything I fail to find on the internet.

"Testing a new rig driver" usually means a round of emails between me and
you where I send you a test version of the driver (that creates a log file)
and instructions on what tests I want you to do. This is NOT the same
process we use for "beta tests". In these rig driver tests, the only new
software sent to you is the rig driver, and the only reports I solicit
regard the rig driver. You can volunteer for this test regardless of whether
your are currently a WriteLog beta tester. You run the tests and email back
to me a copy of the log file along with your comments about what WL did and
did not do correctly. This process can take a few days if we're lucky or a
month or more depending on the level of ambiguity and vagueness in the
manufacturer's documentation (and it also gets slower if your descriptions
to me of your setup and results are inaccurate).

My own schedule for this work involves being preempted for other activities
(including family holiday activities this time of year) so this process does
not have a fixed schedule and I make no promises about how quickly I'll get
any particular feature done or how fast I'll respond to reports.

Wayne, W5XD

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