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[WriteLog] FW: Can't stay networked

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Subject: [WriteLog] FW: Can't stay networked
From: "Hal Kennedy" <halken@comcast.net>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 08:11:30 -0500
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I was using TCP/IP.  It was on an existing log - I was doing it in the
middle of the RAC contest (getting bored with low rate) and didn't want
to close and reopen the log and otherwise start fooling around.

After the contest was over, I got two of the notebook computers here to
link just fine using the ARRL CW module, but neither would link and stay
linked to the main logging computer which is a desktop and still had the
RAC contest module up.  All are the same O/S.

Ill add the module provided last night and run some experiments today.  
This has to work for ARRL CW or my partners will fry me in oil and not
buy me any beer....

TNX Larry and HNY
Hal N4GG

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That's interesting Hal. We had 10.64D set up on five computers at NR4M
of last week, and it held up like a champ. Took it down today to
things for the RTTY contest next weekend. We're going to use the M/M 
configuration to work the M/S category. We had no problem with the four 
machines linking and remaining up as we got the RTTY guts all set up.
have a clue what your problem may be.

Are you using DDE or TCP? We're running with TCP.

73 de Larry K7SV 


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