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Subject: Re: [WriteLog] SO2R - switch focus between radios
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Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 13:18:09 -0800
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> Subject: [WriteLog] SO2R - switch focus between radios
> I'm am still trying to improve my SO2R (single
> computer/MMTTY) operating technique. When transmitting on one
> radio, if I shift the focus to the other radio, the original
> transmission stops.
> I realized this early on, but in my haste, I still screwed up
> several exchanges because of it.
> 1.  Is this the way it is supposed to be - am I missing
> something in the set up that would allow entering information
> in one screen while transmitting on the other?

lots of great info about how to use WL in SO2R mode is available
in the help file...searhc for two radio contesting.

SHIFT-up/down will move the keyboard focus, and not change the
TX focus.

You should also look at using the %X parameter in macros.  When a
macro is sent, usually via one of the F keys, TX focus is
automatically shift to the radio with the keyboard focus. %X
says don't do that.

So - a scenario might be:
Running on left radio.
S&P on te right radio.

F2 = %X CQ de K6TD
F4 = K6TD

focus is on left radio, press 'F2'.

use VFO right radio to find a mult.
press Shift-down, start typing the call of the
   mult you just found.

If the CQ finishes and no answer, and the mult is ready
for you yet, press F2 - TX focus stays on left radio.

If no answer to your CQ, and the mult is ready, press F4.
TX focus go to right radio.

73, K6TD -KR-

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