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[WriteLog] Networking issue

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Subject: [WriteLog] Networking issue
From: "Tom Georgens" <tomgeorgens15@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 18:37:43 -0800
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I am trying to network three computers.  They are all running 11.27H.  They
have three different OS's, XP, Win 7, and Win 8.


I can establish a Writelog network and have a common log across all three
computers.  This part works fine.  When I try to enable packet, I cannot get
all three  machines to connect on the local network.  They can all telnet
fine.  However, when I try the local network, I cannot get them to work.
The XP machine will work fine on the local network when one of the others is
are connected via telnet to the packet cluster.  However, none of the other
machines can connect to the XP machine when it is the one doing the telnet.
Similarly, the Win7 and Win8 machines will not connect to each other over
the local network.  Essentially the XP machine works as either the master or
the slave.  The others will only work if they are doing the telnet session.


When it fails, a CMD window will flash too fast to read.  I recorded and it
says "The service name is Invalid" and "More help is available by typing Net
Helpmsg 2105".  If I type the help message it says "A network resource
shortage occurred."


When I do network Gab, the XP machine can send and receive messages from the
other two.  The other two machines cannot see gab messages from each other.


I am assuming this is some type of security/firewall problem, but the
messages above would indicate otherwise.  I also opened the firewall for
Writelog, but it made no difference.


Any advice would be helpful.  Thank you



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