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Re: [WriteLog] Networking issue

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Subject: Re: [WriteLog] Networking issue
From: "Tom Georgens" <tomgeorgens15@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 10:26:38 -0800
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I think I am doing exactly what you say.  I need to double check the order
of the linking.  Working with just two PC's for now

My guess is that is some type of security issue, but it is not clear why the
log synchronization works (in both directions) but the packet does not


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Subject: RE: [WriteLog] Networking issue

I also use the VE7CC ccuser application when I setup for Packet access on
WriteLog (RTTY) or Win-Test (CW and SSB).  The user interface for spot
filtering, node control, propagation updates, etc is very powerful.

However, it is an incremental layer of complexity that is unlikely to solve
the basic problem of Packet connection via LAN to a single Telnet computer
on the WriteLog network.  All ccuser does is enrich the Telnet connection.
It will not solve the original problem of some PCs not getting Packet via
LAN to the PC with the Telnet connection.

Assuming WriteLog networking is configured as I outlined in my prior post,
I've never had the problem Tom describes.  However, I always have the Telnet
connection on the "Master" PC.  I don't know for sure that that is
necessary, but the LAN connection through the Telnet PC always works in that

So, here is how I would set up Tom's 3 PCs ...

1.  Decide which PC I want the Telnet connection on and label it the
"Master" for the WriteLog networking setup.

2.  Register each PC to the network (Tools/Register to accept network

3.  On each of the non-Master PCs, link them to the Master PC (Tools/Link to
Network).  Do not link the Master PC explicitly.  It becomes linked to the
others by virtue the other PCs linking to it.

4.  Setup the Telnet connection on the "Master" PC.

5.  Setup Packet via LAN on the other two PCs.

I have had exactly the same problem Tom describes with LAN Packet access not
working.  I solved it with the procedure above.

Still, there may be an additional issue, perhaps at the Windows level
(nothing to do with WriteLog), particularly since each PC has a different
Windows version.



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On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 6:37 PM, Tom Georgens <tomgeorgens15@gmail.com>

> I can establish a Writelog network and have a common log across all 
> three computers.  This part works fine.  When I try to enable packet, 
> I cannot get all three  machines to connect on the local network.  
> They can all telnet fine.  However, when I try the local network, I 
> cannot get them to work.
> The XP machine will work fine on the local network when one of the 
> others is are connected via telnet to the packet cluster.  However, 
> none of the
> machines can connect to the XP machine when it is the one doing the

hi Tom - It sounds like the problem is when you are trying to use packet and
want to use one PC as the connection to packet, and then have the other two
connect to that PC. Right?

I don't do packet often, but I have figured out one way that works for me.
I run the VE7CC ccuser program on the "master" PC and set up filtering there
how I want it. ccuser then acts as a server for all 3 PCs, and takes
writelog out of the server role. Here:


It looks daunting but read the docs, it's easier than it looks.

Then I connect the master via telnet using the IP address
The ":7300" is the default port in ccuser for connecting packet, if my
memory is right. (If not, use the right number ;) ) You may need to enable
telnet in ccuser. It's in the Ports menu.

Then using ipconfig in a command line or drilling into the network setup, I
find out what the IP address is of the master PC. In the other two PCs I
then connect to packet via telnet using that address; e.g.
Don't forget the port, whatever it is.

I'm doing this from memory, apologies if I have a detail wrong. Read the
ccuser docs. ;)

This works for me and hopefully is what you were looking for... 73 jeff wk6i

Jeff Stai ~ wk6i.jeff@gmail.com
Twisted Oak Winery ~ http://www.twistedoak.com/ Facebook ~
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