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[WriteLog] ARRL SS SSB prefill file

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Subject: [WriteLog] ARRL SS SSB prefill file
From: "Gary AL9A" <al9a@mtaonline.net>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2015 16:34:36 -0900
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Now that the CW Sweepstakes is history for this year it's time to look ahead to the SSB Sweeps coming up soon. I have updated the history prefill file for the ARRL SS SSB contest to include results from 2014. The file now contains 5,341 call signs spanning the years 2009 - 2014. The file may be downloaded at the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sdonpf21vkcfops/ARRL%20SSB%20History%202009%20-%202014.adi?dl=0.

As always, be cautious when using a prefill file to be certain that the information is accurate for this year's contest. The Sweepstakes contests are always very fluid and calls may be operating with a different Precedence or Section than in prior years. In some cases the Check may change too. How can that be? Well, if a call was reissued to a new holder he will probably have a different Check year than the previous holder. Remember this is a history file, not a prediction file.

You must be sure to copy the exchange information correctly and overwrite the prefill information if necessary. For just this reason I recommend you edit the Contest/Exchange Format Setup... window and change some of the exchange fields from the default Insert mode to Overstrike. This greatly facilitates updating a prefill file field that is not correct for this years contest.

Gary AL9A
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