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Re: [WriteLog] Using the K4 DVR

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Subject: Re: [WriteLog] Using the K4 DVR
From: Alan Maenchen <ad6e@arrl.net>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2022 08:38:59 -1000
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OK, belay my last --

My error. The K4 commands work fine.
About 30 seconds after sending my request for help, I found the problem.
Macros through 10 are reserved for internal Writelog use. I had set
Macro_10 in the ini file to be one of the K3 DVK functions. While that
didn't bother the other macros, it caused problems elsewhere. Once I erased
Macro_10 then the other K4 commands began working as they should.

Please excuse the bandwidth....

73, Alan  AD6E

On Fri, Jun 24, 2022 at 8:31 AM Alan Maenchen <ad6e@arrl.net> wrote:

> I'm going to take my new K4 to Field Day to show it off as well as show
> off Writelog to all the N1MM users.
> Has anyone set up a K4 to use the radio's internal DVR with Writelog yet?
> Some things work well, but some don't.
> PBx; works fine to access the eight DVK memories. However, PB0; has no
> action to stop a playback immediately like it's supposed to. Same with RX;
> and DA0;
> I've set the ini to this:
> [Elecraft_K3_commands]
> Macro_18=PB1;
> Macro_19=PB2;
> Macro_20=PB3;
> Macro_21=PB4;
> Macro_22=PB5;
> Macro_23=PB6;
> Macro_24=PB0;
> %GK18 thru 23 work fine in the SSB messages window.
> %GK24 doesn't work even if changed to DA0; or RX; which should also kill a
> message in progress. I tried with Macro_13 in case 24 has a problem but
> that didn't work either. Is there a limit to the number of Macros I can set?
> I'm keeping Macro_11 thru 17 for K3 DVK commands which work fine but they
> are different commands specific to the K3, not the K4.
> 73, Alan  AD6E / KH6TU
> (CW op at KH6RS this weekend)
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