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[Yaesu] Need info for ailing FT-101(longish)

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Subject: [Yaesu] Need info for ailing FT-101(longish)
From: gbutzlaff@voyager.net (Glenn Butzlaff)
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 18:07:55 -0800
Im having a problem with the receive recovery after cycling the PTT switch
for a fairly long time. I can turn the mic gain down completely and it still
does this. The rig has good finals, the relays have been burnished. Ive
pulled all the boards, cleaned the contacts. Visual inspection reveals no
poor solders. When the problem manifests itself, the receive recovery is
delayed like the AGC is slow to recover. S-meter follows the slow decay.
Just wondering if anyone has experienced this before. Another question is
with the Fox-Tango filter that is in the CW filter position. I was told it
may be an AM filter. The markings on the filter are almost completely wiped
off, so an ID of the actual frequency and model number are impossible. If
this were an AM filter, how would it be selected in the CW switch position?
Does anyone have the install instructions for a FoxTango filter? Any info
greatly appreciated.

73 de Glenn, WE9K

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