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[Yaesu] ft1000mp mkV amp switching

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Subject: [Yaesu] ft1000mp mkV amp switching
From: d.desloovere@skynet.be (Dirk Desloovere)
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 10:18:22 +0200

I have a ft1000mp mkV in use for two months now and I am confused abt =
the amp swiching capabilities.

The manual states (page 12) that : .... The TX GND jack on the =
transceiver rear panel is connected to an internal relay, for non-QSK =
T/R swithcing of lineair amplifiers that use AC switching voltage or DC =
voltage greater than +15V, negative DC voltage of any kind (such as the =
HEATH SB220/SB221 models) or if they are required to sink more than =
100mA for T/R switching.  A schematic .....

With the relay enabled, the Mark V can support non QSK-switching =
voltages up to 100 VAC @ 500ma  or DC voltage up to 60V@200mA.

I want to switch a mentioned SB220  rated at 125VDC@80mA.   =20

The manual is quite confusing on this subject first they mention the =
SB220 and later the relay can only switch 60VDC.

But there is another subject that I have no answer on it :

The ft1000mp uses a mechanical relay part nr. RL1004   AG4013   and the =
manual states that this relay is capable of switching 125V@500mA or =
220V@300mA  AC or DC . (found in the technical overview on VA3CR  =

The mark V uses the same relay  RL1004  AG40213 !  (found on the =
schematic of my mark V).

Any explanation of the switching difference ?=20


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