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Re: [Yaesu] java or linux tool for VX-5R clone file

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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] java or linux tool for VX-5R clone file
From: kd4e <kd4e@verizon.net>
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Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 00:25:29 -0400
List-post: <mailto:yaesu@contesting.com>
 > "Home Depot runs their entire corporation under
 > Linux."
 > I don't understand your point and/or logic.
 > Every Home Depot store has orange colored signs.
 > Should I paint my house and car orange?
 > Cheers, Cliff K3LL

The suggestion that there are Linux solutions is
often mocked by the uninformed -- I was merely
pointing out that a major corporation disagrees
-- and is doing quite well.

Just came upon this site with some excellent Ham
tools that run under both Linux and the MS version
of windows:  http://www.w1hkj.com/

David (great name!) is obviously a *gifted* programmer.

As for your house color orange might endear you
to certain sports fans and an orange car would
enhance visibility to other drivers and could
just save your life!

The cup is half *full*!  :-)


Thanks! & 73,
doc, KD4E
... somewhere in FL
URL:  bibleseven (dot) com
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