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Re: [Yaesu] FT1000MP and FT8

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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] FT1000MP and FT8
From: Yuri <ve3dz@rigexpert.net>
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2022 18:45:45 -0400
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Hi Ted.

 Make sure you have your AUDIO supplied through the PACKET connector, not PATCH + AF OUT.

When in USER mode, the default setting is LSB, but you would need to re=program it to USB for FT8 in the menu 8-6:



disp offset0

RX PLL1450

RX CAR453.450

TX PLL1500

TX CAR453.400

RTTY offset0

EASY setoff

As far as I remember, early production original MPs did not allow TX Car to be set below
456.300 Khz, but W5ERX assures that these values work fine:

Disp Offset = +2125
RX-PLL = +2210
RX-CAR = 452.790
TX-PLL = +2210
TX CAR = 452.790

Unfortunately, I don't have my FT1000MP here at the moment (it's in Zone 2 in the storage), but as far as I remember you may Enter (store) settings in the USER mode by pressing and holding this button for 2+ seconds. You should refer to the manual. In USER mode the MIC GAIN control still affects transmit audio level (check your ALC display)), but MIC input is disabled.

Sorry, can't be of more help at this moment.

73, Yuri VE3DZ

On 2022-07-24 5:30 p.m., tboerkamp@cogeco.ca wrote:
Hello..I am having a problem getting my FT1000MP original to transmit signal
on FT8.

I am using WSJT-X and I am receiving signals fine. I have tried to set USER
settings on the radio

According to some posted lists but I cannot get the radio to save the
settings after I enter them.

Can someone please explain how to save these settings changes??

I have my connection from sound out on the pc to the packet jack on the

Maybe someone has a list of their own parameters from menu 8-6 they can

I have tried two different sets as I could not adjust the TX CAR down to
453.500 as requested ( mine stopped at 456.300)

Any help appreciated.

73 Ted Boerkamp VE3SS

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