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[RFI] Horizonal Sweep Noise

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Subject: [RFI] Horizonal Sweep Noise
From: K7FD" <dx@netbridge.net (K7FD)
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 16:06:47 -0700

The key word in my original posting was 'invest'. It's worth it
to me to invest a little time and money because I knew the return
on such an investment would be 1)the result I wanted and 2)a quick
response to the problem.    

73 John K7FD

In response to N5KM's thoughts:

> I'm sorry but the cynic is coming out in me. Why is it that we hams
> have to spend money to fix the neighbor's appliances we interfere with
> AND we have to spend money to fix the neighbor's appliances that 
> interfere with US? We've all heard stories, or had first hand
> experiences, about neighbors who have made a ham's life miserable
> with interference complaints to the FCC, possibly having quiet hours
> imposed on him. Isn't "what's good for the goose good for the gander"?
> I think the neighbor should turn off his TV when we're on the air.
> As a minimum the neighbor should be spending HIS money to get his
> interfering TV fixed. Not the other way around.
> As you can tell I've had my share of complaints, the least of which
> was being accused of making the neighbor's windows vibrate! (It was
> his wife's dryer).
> 73
> Kris N5KM 

> John K7FD originally said:
> > I put core mix #77 on ALL leads coming from the tv set, i.e.,
> > the phone line, power cord, audio/visual cables to the WebTV
> > device and the tv cable line. I also put an AC line filter on
> > his tv and put a radio shack phone interference filter on the
> > phone line.
> > 
> > This cured the problem 100% and all tv harmonic noise has been
> > eliminated from this neighbor. I do have another neighbor causing
> > similar interference but only occasionally...so I'm not willing to
> > invest any money in that one yet!

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