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[RFI] Nightlight Causes EMI!

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Subject: [RFI] Nightlight Causes EMI!
From: Marty Tippin <martyt@pobox.com> (Marty Tippin)
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 21:13:27 -0500
Here's one I haven't read about or heard of before...  Thought I'd pass it
along just in case anyone else runs into the problem...  I ran into this
one while searching for some possible CATV leaks...

A nightlight with an electric eye in our downstairs bathroom was throwing
out a tremendous hash - took me an hour of tracing with an AM portable
radio to figure out where it was coming from (I replaced the light switch
in the bathroom first because I thought it was the source - when I turned
the lights on, the noise stopped; when the light was off, the noise came
back.  Took me a while to correlate that with the nightlight going on and
off... So I'm a little slow...)

Anyone know what it is in the nightlight that causes the problem?  I'll bet
on the electric eye being at the heart of the matter.  In any case, that
light will no longer be illuminating the bathroom at night...

Unfortunately, it didn't do much reduce the S5 QRN I have on 20m almost
continuously.  So I'll be heading for the neighbor's houses before too long
to see what wonderful noise sources I can find there.


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