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Subject: [RFI] ECM...etc.
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Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 22:23:56 +0000
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Jetlagged.  That was supposed to be EMC...as in electromagnetic compatibility.  
As opposed to ECM, which is electronic countermeasures.  
You make a good point about retrofitting appliances.   I would suppose that 
being able to add wireless isolated metering/monitoring to the electric, gas, 
or water supply would be a pre-condition.   Control of heating system and 
lighting, either automatically or remotely could have value for some
I can't imagine that having appliances interfaced would add value to my life.   
Coffee maker?  Frig?  Stove?   Interfaced pantry reporting stock levels of 
items and generating a shopping list?   I don't think so.  
This is a major digression in one sense...but may be important to understanding 
what's driving the power industry's investment vision.    I haven't read enough 
yet to see what their magic motive is for BPL.  
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