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Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 18:53:13 -0400
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If BPL gets deployed, we'll need some ECM.

Since BPL advocates occasionally cite energy management as a rationale
for deploying BPL, its a useful topic to understand. They don't push
very hard on this, and I've never found anything substantive behind
their references. I beginning to think its mostly smoke.

Offering electricity users lower rates for off-peak usage would be a
win-win for everyone, and requires only that the house meter be
appropriately upgraded; being able to read this meter via the internet
would save some labor costs and provide more convenient real-time
readout to the consumer, but any network connection -- BPL, cable, or
DSL -- could provide this. Pay-per-view satellite receivers use
telephone lines to report usage information.


            Dave, AA6YQ

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Jetlagged.  That was supposed to be EMC...as in electromagnetic
compatibility.  As opposed to ECM, which is electronic countermeasures.

You make a good point about retrofitting appliances.   I would suppose
that being able to add wireless isolated metering/monitoring to the
electric, gas, or water supply would be a pre-condition.   Control of
heating system and lighting, either automatically or remotely could have
value for some
I can't imagine that having appliances interfaced would add value to my
life.   Coffee maker?  Frig?  Stove?   Interfaced pantry reporting stock
levels of items and generating a shopping list?   I don't think so.  
This is a major digression in one sense...but may be important to
understanding what's driving the power industry's investment vision.
I haven't read enough yet to see what their magic motive is for BPL.  
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