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RE: [RFI] Phone call from congressman's office re: BPL

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Subject: RE: [RFI] Phone call from congressman's office re: BPL
From: "Richard (Rick) Karlquist (N6RK)" <richard@karlquist.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 08:35:19 -0700
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> From: Dave Bernstein [mailto:dave.bernstein@comcast.net]
oil down to two basic ones:
> 1. help him understand that BPL will interfere with your hobby unless it
> obeys the RFI rules, and ask for his help in ensuring that the
> FCC enforces
> these rules
> Justified though it may be, #1 paints you as another citizen out
> to protect
> his personal interests. This leaves you open to a "greater good"
> counterargument; when your congressman engages with the FCC or other BPL
> Be prepared for a question like "aren't you a ham defending your
> hobby"? My
> answer to this is a truthful "Yes, that's how I first became aware of BPL.
> But after learning more about it, I came to see that BPL's flaws are much

> If you've been following the recent discussion here, you're
> already prepared
> to handle "but won't BPL also lower electricity rates?"
>     73,
>        Dave, AA6YQ

I hear what you are saying, but the staffer was actually receptive
to the interference issue.  He noted that the FCC sided with broadcasters
over the low power FM broadcasting controversy, and seemed simpathetic
to our issues.  He offered to have the congressman help out.  I did
mention to him about hams helping out in the current hurricane(s) in
Florida.  He asked me to have the ARRL Washington lobby to meet with
him.  I agree that Wi-max could be presented as a win-win-win, better
for the provider, the consumer and hams.

Although the ARRL is going to pick the ball up and run with it now,
my letter, as a constituent, opened the door for the ARRL.

I urge everyone reading this to write to your congressman and senators.
There is no guarantee you will get anything but a form letter, but
you never know...

Rick Karlquist N6RK

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