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Re: [RFI] PME (Was: Earth isolation)

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Subject: Re: [RFI] PME (Was: Earth isolation)
From: "Phil Wait" <philwait@bigpond.net.au>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 08:36:52 +1000
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Hello Gentlemen,

This is my first post to this group but I've been snooping for a while.

In Australia we use an off-peak tariff system for water heating. The water
heater is connected back to a separate switchboard meter with a tone
controlled switch (audio PLC). The power company controls the switching of
the water heaters and offers a greatly reduced rate. It's been around for as
long as I can remember.

This may be what George means by a supply board timer.

By the way we use a system called mains earth neutral (MEN) where the earth
and neutral conductors are bonded at each switchboard and also connected to
a ground stake.

This could be the multiple earthing system George refers to.

The advantage of this system is greater protection especially in areas of
poor ground. The disadvantage is that an incorrect neutral connection in the
street could have disastrous results, however active and neutral conductors
are both fused on the line side of the MEN connection.

Naturally this MEN system presents a massive imbalance to the power supply
line impedance, and together with the fact that 240V reticulation allows a
much greater number of homes to be connected to each 11kV - 240V
transformer, the problems associated with BPL are expected to be greater.

Phil Wait

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Subject: RE: [RFI] PME (Was: Earth isolation)

> I've never heard the term "Multiple Protective Earthing" system before;
> maybe it's called something else here in the states or by other vendors?
>  Also unfamiliar with an "electricity supply board timer".  What's the
> "rate" you're refering to?  KiloWatt-Hours?  How could you convert daytime
> rate to nighttime?
> As far as AC filtering, not sure what's available in the UK, but I use
> Tripp-Lite Isobar for filtering and AC surge suppression on all ham
> equipment.  Another vendor is Polyphaser.  They make whole house
> as well.
> 73,
>  de ed -K0iL
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> From: George Shaw
> Sent: Sunday, 19 September, 2004 12:05 PM
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> Subject: [RFI] PME (Was: Earth isolation)
> Folks great info, I learnt a lot, though my original question got lost
> somewhere in the math :-) thanks to all who contributed to the discussion.
> The original question was more to do with interference caused by a nearby
> Tx
> antenna used by another radio operator (not a ham) getting to my audio
> equipment which is connected to my TxRx. My own equipment is near quiet as
> I
> have proven when the neighbour was not operating. I suspect that my mains
> is
> picking up the Tx from next door, I was thinking of a mains filter, what
> type, who makes them (240V-50Hz)
> Now another question. Any thoughts or comments/data on Protective Multiple
> Earthing systems and interference or use near/in radio installations?
> Also anyone ever had a electricity supply board timer (used to change for
> daytime high rate to evening/night time low rate) cause interference to
> radio or telephone circuits by introducing a click, click, click steady
> repeated sound?
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