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Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 12:52:26 -0400
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What frequency bands are being impacted by this fence?
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

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Maybe the higher power controller will burn off the grass.  Can only hope.  

Dale, k9vuj

On 30, Jul 2015, at 9:02, Mike Smith VE9AA <ve9aa@nbnet.nb.ca> wrote:

So, small update.  Seems like when it rains or is extremely foggu/humid
outside the noise goes down.sometimes way down.(mostly overnight)..(solar
charged battery dying?)

I am unable to convince the neighbour he should trim weeds, even though I
told him I never noticed anything until mid-to-late May (when the grass and
weeds really took off here in NB (Ve9)

I checked a bunch of connections and even put the back of my hand on the
fence no farther than 20' from the controller.  At 800' from the controller,
I can rest my hand right on it (and I am no Arnold Swatrzenegger)

I dropped him off a paper manual of his controller last w/e and highlighted
(with yellow highlighter) in no less than 8 or 9 places in the book where it
essentially says "weeds are bad..get rid of the weeds"

Hi solution?

He's going to buy a bigger fence controller that runs off 120VAC, instead of
his small to medium sized solar one.

I can't get through to him, even though he says " I didn't change anything
since last year except add the piece of fence near your property" (which is
the part engulfed in weeds..down by his paddock it's 99% open dry ground)

The only saving grace in all this fiasco, is that the noise seems to be
somewhat less since last Saturday I spent ~2 hours going around the 1000' of
fence and trimmed a couple dozen tree branches that were touching the fence,
along with dozens of raspberry bushes and weeds.  I suppose if I wanted to
really wanted to get motivated I could trim 1000' of weeds with grass
shears...my weed wacker has recently died.

He's got some farm supply guy who he knows coming over with hopefully a
better fence meter (I couldn't get my Neon bulb one even to register right
at the controller) and hopefully some better experience and advice.

I don't think he believes a thing I am saying.

Exasperated in NB, 

Mike VE9AA

Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB

From: Mike Smith VE9AA [mailto:ve9aa@nbnet.nb.ca]
Sent: July 25, 2015 5:10 PM
To: 'rfi@contesting.com'
Subject: Re: [RFI] Electric Fence pulsing (will get worse soon !)

Today I walked the fence (well, most of it..the internal divide in 1 spot
was not accessible as there were 4 big Clydesdales there and nobody home at
the house)

I trimmed 9 or 10 tree branches hard up against the fence, 30 or 40 good
sized raspberries bushes, 100+ various types of weeds, but had to leave the
grass. I was only 1 guy with grass shears, tennis elbow and only so much

All this seemed to make a SMALL difference in the fence's QRM level, though
it does vary from day to day somewhat, so only over time will I know if I
have made any real change with my hour and a half of trimming.

The far end of this rectangular fence is nearly due north of my property
line.  When I beam due North, NW or NE, no change in signal level. When I
beam ENE/E, the signal comes up indicating to me the most problematic area
is in the original small paddock in that direction (about East/NE from me).
I can put the back of my hand against the fence near my property and not get
knocked on my butt, so there's very little voltage close to me.

I did come upon a place at the original paddock (ENE) where there was gate
hooks that were merely looped onto some wire rope and one of the hooks was
audibly sparking.  I mean, my hearing isn't the best, but I could hear it
from 5' away.

I played with the placement and stopped the arcing, but when I got back to
the shack, there was still noise.  He has nice new hardware everywhere, but
is missing the 2 parts of the hooks that would attach to the stationary part
of a gate.

Owner not around, so I really didn't touch the fence nor anything else on
his property.  Just trimmed weeds/branches on the outside perimeter.

I have noticed on a couple early mornings when it's been very
rainy/foggy/drizzly, the arcing "signal" is quite weak.(one day I could've
sworn it was off)  Whether that means gobs of current are being dumped to
ground all night and the battery is dead, -OR- some of these places that
have less than a stellar connections (galvanized fence wire wrapped around
conductive rope and no u-bolts) are being bridged partially by water, I
don't know yet.

That's all for now.

Mike VE9AA

Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB

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