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Subject: [RFI] Fwd: Re: Help finding a source
From: Charles Plunk <af4o@twc.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 18:58:36 -0600
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I agree, just sounds like power line arcing. Heaven knows I have heard my share of it.


On 12/4/19 6:01 PM, David Eckhardt wrote:
Try again:

In your third image, the audio spectrum, the groups (first peak of first
group to first peak of next group) is 17.5 ms.
deleted image...........
The period on one cycle at 60 Hz is 16.67 ms. Very close. The sound clip
also sounds suspiciously like 60 Hz discharge from the power distribution
somewhere in your vicinity. I usually detect this at 120 Hz as the
discharge occurs at both the + and - peaks of the sine wave. But not in
this case. In the time domain, I also usually detect an exponentially
decaying envelope for each discharge. No so in this case. But,
considering the period and sound, I'd guess its due to power distribution
discharge in you area. Walk the power lines with your battery-powered
radio. When you find a pole that is particularly, kick the pole hard and
observe any change in the character of the sound on your radio. If no
change, its not at that pole. Continue searching. Also, damp weather
usually exacerbates the discharges as does dusty conditions.

Dave - WØLEV

On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 12:00 AM David Eckhardt <davearea51a@gmail.com>

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