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Re: [RFI] Safety suggestion to consider when trying to locate new it is

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Safety suggestion to consider when trying to locate new it is generated by parent company hardware
From: Charles Plunk <af4o@twc.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 19:44:26 -0600
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Years ago, I built the ultrasonic from the QST article (http://www.farcircuits.net/w1rtc_notes1.pdf). Works good unless the source is masked by the hardware. I have found it is very pinpoint in nature. You have to find the pole by df'ing then use the ultrasonic to scan the pole for individual hardware. I df with either an FT60 or FT817 on AM and various hombrew yagi's. Of course AM broadcast in the SUV for very broad location. My current source pulsed at first, very distinctive, and I could pick it up almost a mile radius on car AM radio! One source, years ago, I could hear it with the ultrasonic and took a photo of the individual hardware & pole number. Then emailed it to my contact at the utility. That was neat.

My current source, I have been unable to hear it with the ultrasonic. Since the pole I suspect by df is scheduled for replacement anyway, have hung up my tools until then.


On 12/4/19 7:22 PM, David Eckhardt wrote:
OK.  I confess I've never had a wire fall on me.  But there are better
tools.  MFJ (I hate to admit) sells an ultrasonic microphone much like
those used by professional power providers.  It is far better at locating
problems than the walking battery-powered radio.  Arcs and coronal
discharges produce copious amounts of acoustical energy above our hearing
frequency limits as well as RF energy.  It's a wonderful tool.

Dave - WØLEV

On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 1:14 AM Michael Martin <mike@rfiservices.com> wrote:

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