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[RFI] Safety suggestion to consider when trying to locate new it is gene

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Subject: [RFI] Safety suggestion to consider when trying to locate new it is generated by parent company hardware
From: Michael Martin <mike@rfiservices.com>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2019 17:50:45 -0700
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A good reason to avoid hitting a whole you suspect is it contain a source of 
You're looking for a noise generated on a power system that has at least 7 KV 
from line to ground you could be much higher. Summer common Sense game for me, 
and I know it isn't so common these days you want to consider the fact that 
you're looking for an arc 35 or  feet, or further above your head. Considering 
it's an arcing source that's obviously caused by loose connections. It really 
wouldn't be wise to beat on the poll standing underneath of a loose connection 
with a higher voltage across it. I have been witness to things falling off the 
poles when people have done this.
imagine having a loud muffler on your car and your neighbor comes up and starts 
kicking it! You would like it. Anything that belongs to the power company's 
their responsibilities don't touch it!
Mike Martin k3rfi
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