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Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2019 21:18:23 -0600
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Our utility has both the dish ultrasonic (hand held dish) and the one for up 
close use on the hot stick (both by radar engineers).   Both work well for what 
they're designed to do and both have the same limitations with line of site 
required to the source.  However, only linemen can use a hot stick, but that's 
a safety issue, not a union issue.  Nearly all utilities follow the same safety 
standards today when it comes to line work.  Only qualified workers are allowed 
to do line work.  

Ultrasonic dishes can be used to narrow the search to the exact pole once you 
are that close.  And in some cases down to what hardware is the RFI source.  
Sometimes a hot stick ultrasonic is needed, but not very often.  It's been used 
rarely at our utility.  Simply walking around the pole/structure 360 degrees 
can lead to the needed resolution over 99% of the time without the hot stick 

73, de ed -K0iL

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 I'm friendly with the RFI sleuth with our local electric coop (also a ham).  
He tells me that ground level ultrasonic sniffers are pretty worthless.  Any 
physical obstruction attenuates the signal, according to him.  They do use one 
but on a hot stick where it can sniff up close.  Unfortunately, it's a union 
shop so he can't do it and has to have a line crewman do it.  The logistics of 
this are really detrimental to efficiency.  (Unspoken opinion of unions goes 
Wes  N7WS

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