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Topband: too young for topband ! (?)

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Subject: Topband: too young for topband ! (?)
From: (R. Karhammar)
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 13:48:23 -0400
Wolf, an interesting point!

Reminds me of the time in the early-middle 90's when I was Z21HS  and went
down to "the Republic" and met Chris, ZS6EZ for a first eye-ball. He made a
similar comment although at the time it seemed flattering.  Something along
the lines of that "usually it is only OLD guys working the low bands". I had
to tell him about my early beginnings in EU in the late 60's listening and
listening to guys like ON4UN, GW3AX,  LA5KG, etc working all those DX on 80.
Still remember SM5BLA tearing around the bands with some sort of vertical
arrays working and hearing all those strange DX that no one else heard or
worked. Surely got you to understand that there was another level of DXing.

Ralph 5H3RK

PS BTW Following the "Mzee's" advices on this reflector, now with an InvL
instead of the helical whip. Unfortunately not tall enough, perhaps 12m or so.

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